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Microgrants UW


For more information about Microgrants UW, please contact the managers of the individual Actions indicated on the calls for proposals subpages below.

The main objective of the grant system is to support development and growth of the potential of academic staff and PhD students at the University of Warsaw. Within its framework, funding is granted for Actions

  • IV.3.1. Internal grants of the University of Warsaw for the employees’ research potential increase,
  • I.2.4. Supporting Open Access publications,
  • II.2.2. Mobility Fund,
  • IV.1.3. “From the Diamond Grant to the ERC grant” – creating individual plans for the research career development,
  • IV.4.1. A complex programme of support for UW PhD students

and other ongoing activities.

Please note!

From July 15 to September 15, 2024, the call for applications in Actions IV.3.1, I.2.4, II.2.2 and IV.4.1 is suspended.

Applications sent during this period will remain unprocessed.

Current calls

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