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Job offers

Current recruitments

Advertisement IDsPositionUnitDeadlineDocumentsStatus
UW/IDUB/2020/08specialist – research manager in POB VAdministration14.10.2020Job offer (in Polish)opened
UW/IDUB/2020/09senior administrative officerAdministration30.09.2020Job offer (in Polish)opened

Completed recruitment

Advertisement IDsPositionUnitDeadlineDocumentsStatus
UW/IDUB/2020/01specialist – research manager in POB IAdministration07.09.2020
Job offer (in Polish)finished
UW/IDUB/2020/06specialist – research manager in POB IIAdministration31.08.2020Job offer (in Polish)finished
UW/IDUB/2020/04programmerFaculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics28.08.2020Job offer (in Polish)finished
UW/IDUB/2020/02, WPs.250/35/2020assistant professor (research)Faculty of Psychology13.08.2020Job offer (in Polish and English),
Results (in Polish and English)