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Horizontal actions

The horizontal actions will support the POB and other tasks or research projects which are aimed at achieving programme objectives and indicators. This group includes activities related to the programme, such as:

  • support for excellence (e.g., early career support for researchers, soft skills, the prevention of discrimination against women, open access, and support for periodicals and publishers);
  • science management and administration (e.g., promotion of research results, research managers, open science, repositories, infrastructure, IT, and personnel facilities for IDUB implementation, competence development);
  • mobility (e.g., the mobility fund, support for young researchers, mentor programmes, visiting professors);
  • infrastructure (e.g., facility renovation, personal contributions, IT, kindergartens, and day-care centres);
  • doctoral candidates and students (e.g., a comprehensive support system for doctoral candidates, summer schools, transfer of research results to study programmes, new fields of study, mobility);
  • Medical University of Warsaw (joint research projects, shared major areas of study, access to infrastructure, etc.).


Programme of mini-grants for interuniversity research teams within the framework of strategic partnerships

The implementation of the measure is aimed at strengthening scientific and research cooperation of the University of Warsaw within the 4EU+ Alliance, as well as in other strategic partnerships. Requests for mini-grants may be submitted by research teams consisting of researchers from the University of Warsaw and at least one other university with which the University of Warsaw maintains intensive research cooperation. Research teams may apply for support, on condition that within one year of receiving the mini-grant, a grant application will be submitted to one of the competitions from EU research programmes (or others which finance scientifically-advanced projects conducted within international consortia).

The first competition under the measure will be opened on 15 June, and will concern cooperation within the 4EU+ Alliance. An additional requirement was introduced for this competition – a given research team must consist of at least three Alliance universities, including the University of Warsaw.

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Promotion of research

The implementation of this activity will ensure the promotion of the results of scientific research carried out by employees of the University of Warsaw. The projects will include, among other things, the organisation of specially-prepared lectures, lessons, and presentations addressed to various social groups, and the preparation of information in Polish and English on the scientific achievements of University of Warsaw employees, which will then be posted on popular scientific portals; there will also be a promotional campaign in the form of interviews and announcements, released in the Polish press and also published in English. It will be possible to obtain funds to organise thematic scientific conferences with the participation of foreign guests, dedicated to presenting the scientific achievements of outstanding researchers from the University of Warsaw.

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A comprehensive support programme for doctoral candidates at the University of Warsaw – implemented in agreement with the student governments of doctoral candidates

This activity is intended for doctoral candidates studying at the tertiary level and at doctoral schools. Its main objective is to support doctoral candidates in the preparation of their doctoral dissertations and to popularise the results of their research, for instance by publishing them in internationally recognised scientific journals and other publishing entities. A special path will be available for doctoral candidates who are planning to conduct research in one of five Priority Research Areas (POB). Qualified students from tertiary study programs and doctoral schools will receive special supplements to their scholarships and will realise elements of the educational programme which are related to the POB.

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Strengthening and developing cooperation between the University of Warsaw and the Medical University of Warsaw in the federalisation process

The aim of this activity is to support cooperation between academic and teaching staff, administrative staff, doctoral candidates, and the student bodies of both universities. The projects which may be financed include the development of joint research projects, sharing research and teaching infrastructure, broadening cooperation between the Incubators, creation of joint fields of study, and doctoral and student initiatives.

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The implementation of a funding programme for projects submitted in competitions for MSCA Individual Mobility Grants, under the EC “Seal of Excellence” initiative

The implementation of this activity will ensure the execution of research projects which have been highly regarded for their scientific excellence by independent experts – and selected by the EC – in the competition for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships in the Horizon 2020 Programme (MSCA-IF), and in the future, in the Horizon Europe Programme. This will be an important signal to researchers from the University of Warsaw who are applying for MSCA-IF in EU competitions: the University supports the implementation of research projects which have been evaluated very highly in the international procedures but which have not obtained funding from the H2020 programme, due to financial constraints. In the event that a project is not eligible for EU funding but obtains at least 85% of the maximum number of points according to competition regulations and receives the so-called “Seal of Excellence” (SoE), it may be financed though funding from IDUB.

The financial part of this action will be launched in 2021, but researchers from the University of Warsaw who enter the competition for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Mobility Grants in the H2020 Programme will be able to apply for funds for the implementation of projects with the SoE, starting in September of 2020.

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Fields of graduate study in Priority Research Areas (POB)

Within the framework of this activity, there are plans to create unique fields of study which are dedicated to the issues undertaken in the Priority Research Areas (POB). The main objective is to educate students who aspire to carry out scientific research in the future, both at the University of Warsaw and in other institutions. The studies would be of an interdisciplinary nature, combining subjects and methodology of various disciplines and scientific fields. From the very start of their education, students of these faculties would be included in the implementation of research projects being carried out within (and outside) the POB.

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A programme for Young Researchers and Educators

Projects under this measure will address the loss of involvement during the development of women’s research and teaching careers (women make up only 1/3 of those in the highest positions at UW). Based on a diagnosis of the current situation, methodological and organisational solutions will be created for future development programmes at the University, in order to counteract the phenomenon of “wasted” potential among female researchers and teachers at particular stages in their academic careers. Researchers and teachers participating in the programme will receive financial support in planning and implementing an individualised professional development path.

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A mentor programme

The aim of this programme is to enable short stays at the University of Warsaw for outstanding, award-winning researchers, including Nobel Prize winners and Fields medallists. During the stays, the invited researchers will meet with scientific teams from their field, familiarise themselves with the research conducted in these teams, and give lectures. In addition, individual mentoring meetings can be arranged.

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“From the Diamond Grant to the ERC Grant” – creating individual plans for research career development

The purpose of this action is to ensure an individual approach to the career development of students, doctoral candidates, and academics at the University of Warsaw. It is crucial to enable harmonious career development by providing professional assistance with planning their individual paths as well as possible. The action will employ advisors for the development of career paths, who will help researchers identify missing or incomplete competences, advise them on the best instruments for financing scientific activities, or prepare an Individual Research Career Development Plan, taking into account the requirements for candidates for MSCA-IF scholarship or ERC grant holders.

It will also be possible to obtain support for the employment of workers with unique skills, the aim of which will be to support doctoral candidates and researchers in publishing their work in prestigious scientific journals and publications.

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Mobility of Students and PhD Students – implementation in agreement with doctoral and student governments

The main objective of this activity will be to accept students and doctoral candidates from other domestic and foreign centres, for the duration of specific research tasks, and also to support research trips taken by students and doctoral candidates of the University of Warsaw to leading research centres in Poland, and abroad. A scholarship programme will be created under the activity to cover the costs of accommodation and participation in research and teaching processes, for a period of 3-6 months. An additional effect of the activity will be the strengthening of cooperation between UW and selected domestic and foreign centres.

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Establishing and strengthening cooperation with strategic partners

This action aims to establish and strengthen strategic partnerships with universities with a similar profile to that of the University of Warsaw. Strategic cooperation will consist of creating joint research teams, co-running research and teaching centres, and exchanging academic and administrative staff. Projects in conjunction with double and joint diplomas, including the training of doctoral candidates, will also be made possible.

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The organisation of international congresses of global significance

The aim of the action is to organise unique international conferences and congresses at the University of Warsaw, for instance under the auspices of prestigious associations or networks that bring together outstanding scientists from particular fields. The key issue in increasing the recognition of the University of Warsaw in the international arena, in addition to the results of research conducted at UW, is to reach the widest possible group of researchers, including acknowledged world leaders. It should also be assumed that the conference events will create opportunities for UW employees to establish new research cooperation.

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Supporting researchers from abroad who are applying for prestigious joint research grants with the University of Warsaw

The aim of the measure is to support researchers from abroad who are planning to implement research projects at the University of Warsaw, e.g., under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships programme (MSCA-IF), or the European Research Council (ERC) grants in the Horizon Europe programme. As part of its activities, the University of Warsaw will offer support in the preparation of joint applications, and administrative assistance in the early stage of application.

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Strengthening the research capacity of researchers, especially young researchers, to achieve scientific excellence

The process of gaining professional experience and scientific independence requires mobility and the implementation of research projects in prestigious foreign centres, especially in the first few years after completing a doctorate degree. This action will launch a scholarship programme related to various aspects of building the international prestige of researchers, by supporting the implementation of short-term and medium-term research internships, thereby increasing the potential for publication. The individual grants will include funds for returning after a stay abroad. The allocated funds will allow a young researcher to form his or her first research team at the University of Warsaw, after returning from an internship.

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Integrating talented young scientists with research teams

Within the framework of the activity, a scholarship programme for young researchers from outside the University of Warsaw will be created in order to cover the costs of their stays and participation in the research and teaching process for a period of 3-6 months, at one of the selected departments of the University. This will help initiate cooperation programmes between the University and selected national and foreign centres, and contribute to strengthening the research activities and position of the University.

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