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About the programme

1st place for UW
in the “Excellence Initiative – Research University (2020-2026)” competition
by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

“Excellence Initiative – Research University (2020-2026)” is a programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which gives the University of Warsaw opportunities to raise the level of quality in scientific activity and education and, as a result, to increase the international prestige of the University’s activities.

Objectives of the programme

In particular:

  • through the scientific activities of the University, there will be increased impact on the development of world sciences, including the priority research areas with high development potential;
  • research collaboration with internationally renowned scientific institutions will be strengthened, especially in the priority research areas (POB);
  • the quality of education among students and doctoral candidates, especially in the faculties and scientific disciplines related to POBs, will be improved, while accounting for the need to involve students and doctoral candidates in conducting scientific research; it is also necessary to compete effectively to recruit the most talented candidates for studies and for doctoral schools, including candidates from abroad, and to manage their talents;
  • comprehensive solutions for the professional growth of university staff, and especially young researchers, will be developed and implemented;
  • the quality of university management will be improved, including efficiency-related organisational changes.

Specific objectives

Competition by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

20 universities took part in the competition. The applications were evaluated by an international team of 15 experts; these were people who have served as rectors or presidents at European universities, advised their governments on the development of education, or worked for such institutions as the European University Association, the European Innovation Council, or the European Research Council.

The proposal by the University of Warsaw includes a description of 5 priority research areas (POB) and 70 actions planned for the period of 2020-2026, to make the University more internationally recognised as a centre of research:

  • Priority Research Areas (POB)
    • Science for the Planet – an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to identifying threats to the environment, biodiversity, climate and health, and seeking practicable solutions – read more…
    • Beyond Micro and Macro Worlds – searching for ground-breaking innovations for the future: materials, energy sources and technologies for sustainable development – read more…
    • The Challenge of Petabytes – tools for advanced mathematics and computer science in analyses of large data sets – from random processes on the stock exchange to medical diagnostics – read more…
    • The Humanities: Crossing Borders, Extending Capabilities – humanities research that crosses the borders of disciplines, developing innovative tools and models which broaden the understanding of the mind, language and culture – read more…
    • Responding to Global Challenges – multidisciplinary teams examining the consequences of increasing mobility, multidimensional inequalities, and digital transformation – read more…
  • actions planned for 2020-2026 – read more…

Among the ten winners, the University of Warsaw received 36.5 points (out of 40 possible) and took first place. As a result, on 30 October 2019, the University of Warsaw was granted the status of a research university for 2020-2026 and will receive a 10% increase in subsidies during this period.

Programme documentation