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POB II: Beyond Micro and Macro Worlds

Located on the Ochota campus of the Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and in the New Technologies Centre, this priority area for research includes the traditionally strong disciplines of astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics, which have outstanding human capital and a long-established international position. Within these disciplines, the Astronomical Observatory, the Subatomic Physics and Elementary Particles Group, and the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies have very dynamic teams and research milieus. This area has great commercial potential and may be found on the agendas of many international organisations, governments, and industries.

Examples of fields and disciplines of science related to POB

  • Natural sciences
    • astronomy
    • computer and information sciences
    • mathematics
    • chemical sciences
    • physical sciences

The above list does not exclude other fields and disciplines of science that could fit into Priority Research Area II.


The establishment of the AMO Centre

The aim of this action is to create the Centre for Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics, which will coordinate, integrate, focus and, above all, internationalise AMO physics research at the University. — detailed description

Coordinator: dr hab. Michał Tomza

The establishment of an International Research Network, in the field of applications of subatomic physics, astronomy and chemistry, to study the Early Universe

The excellence of the exact sciences and natural sciences at the University of Warsaw will be strengthened through the creation of an International Research Network, in the area of Subatomic Physics, Astronomy and Chemistry Applications for the Study of the Early Universe. The fields of Physics, Astronomy and Chemistry at the University of Warsaw have enormous research potential, which provides opportunities to conduct ground-breaking research on the structure and dynamics of the Early Universe, and to learn about the nature of the most fundamental interactions and the structure of space-time. Such research may also lead to progress in the search for new energy sources. — detailed description

Coordinator: prof. dr hab. Bohdan Grządkowski

The establishment of the Machine Learning Centre

This entails transferring the burden of mastering and using advanced computer and data processing techniques from researchers onto a highly qualified team of specialists, by creating a group of data scientists – machine learning specialists who are employed within the Centre for Machine Learning. — detailed description

Coordinator: dr hab. Artur Kalinowski

Institute for Advanced Studies (ISZ)

Innovative research activity requires investments for attracting suitable staff among young doctors and doctoral candidates. The newly established Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Warsaw – ISZ) will take care of recruitment and program coordination, as well as many associated activities. Among other things, this activity aims to identify and connect outstanding researchers from the young and middle generations with UW. — detailed description

Coordinator: prof. dr hab. Zygmunt Lalak

Research Infrastructure Renewal and Development Fund

This fund will enable the expansion and upgrading of existing infrastructure and set up a corps of technicians. Another objective is to make more active use of the international infrastructure which is made available to researchers from the University of Warsaw through cooperation agreements, such as those with the CERN European Laboratory for Particle Physics, or the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research. By supporting the expansion of existing research infrastructure and new investments in equipment, we will make our experimental base comparable to (and often competitive with) that of leading national and international research centres. — detailed description

Coordinator: dr hab. Tomasz Kazimierczuk

Members of the Coordinating Committee