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I.4.2. Fund for the Renovation and Development of Research Infrastructure

IDUB Programme Objective(s)

  • I. Increasing the impact of the scientific activity of the University on the development of world science

Name of POB/activity group


The aim of this task is to strengthen the potential of the research infrastructure at the University, which is especially important for the empirical research conducted on the Ochota Campus.

Effective action in this area requires a number of activities, which fall under five main areas:

  1. The creation of a co-financing system for the renovation of existing infrastructure

Objective: The main objective is to refurbish and maintain existing research equipment on the Ochota Campus.

Justification: Over the years, the Ochota Campus has accumulated research equipment valued at hundreds of millions of PLN. In the absence of systematic funding for its upkeep (even without referring to the generally accepted cost index of 10%), IDUB funds will finance repairs and maintenance of the equipment, allowing for more efficient use of these resources.

Under this measure, ad hoc repairs and service contracts for the equipment will be co-financed. The initial proportions will be 70% IDUB + 30% co-financing by a given unit. At the implementation stage, the level of financing through IDUB may be lowered if demand exceeds the available budget.

The call for applications to finance repairs will be conducted on a continuous basis, while the call for applications for service contracts will be conducted at specific intervals every year. Substantive review and acceptance of applications will be carried out by a committee of 3-5 researchers from various units under POB I and POB II, while the regular service of the programme (including calculations of the current level of co-financing) will be carried out by the POB office on the Ochota Campus.

A necessary condition for obtaining funding will be making the repaired/maintained apparatus/infrastructure available to other research groups from the University of Warsaw, as part of scientific cooperation.

  1. Co-financing for the purchase of new research infrastructure, to strengthen research at the international level

Objectives: The main objective of the task is the sustainable development of the research infrastructure on the Ochota Campus. The second objective is to strengthen cooperation among the units on the Campus.

Justification: The research carried out on the Ochota Campus requires advanced research infrastructure. Most often it is purchased through grants (NCN, NCBiR and others). However, IDUB provides a unique opportunity to consider the prospects of the whole Campus when funding equipment.

Approximately 15 projects will be co-financed for the purchase of research equipment, 8 of which will take place by 2023. The planned co-financing scheme is 70% IDUB + 30% unit/applying activity manager. The implemented projects will be selected through calls for applications, which should demonstrate the following: a) the scientific excellence of the planned research or the possibility of increasing the use/service potential at UW; b) why the equipment which is already available on the Campus has been deemed insufficient; c) openness to cooperation in the research being implemented with the applied use of the equipment.

  1. Co-financing for accreditation and certification associated with the industrial setting

Objective: To increase the attractiveness of the University’s research activities to other entities.

Justification: The accreditation of a laboratory is a crucial factor when external companies or other entities are planning to carry out tests/analyses there. Projects which concern obtaining or renewing accreditation, or the certification of laboratories, will be financed by the programme.

The planned subsidy will be 70% from IDUB funds + 30% of contributed funds.

The laboratories covered by the programme will be selected by means of annual competitions.

  1. The employment of a team of technicians

Objective: To increase the efficiency of research work with support given by qualified technicians/operators.

Justification: This task addresses a perceived shortage over the years of qualified technicians/operators to support research activities.

Highly qualified technical staff will be employed; their primary role will be to operate and/or supervise the use of advanced equipment, which will enable more efficient and faster analyses, while facilitating the planning of equipment use in subsequent grant projects. Efficiently-run laboratories will allow the research workers to focus on the substantive aspects of the implemented research projects.

The projects which will employ technicians/operators will be selected in a competition in 2020.

The implementation of this activity will be coordinated with the “twin” activity – Action I.4.1

  1. Organizing an “Equipment Emergency” centre on the Ochota Campus

Objective: To provide technical assistance for repairing research equipment after its warranty period has ended.

Justification: Equipment failure is a major obstacle to experimental research. Often the issue is serious enough to require servicing by the manufacturer, which is time consuming (e.g., arranging shipment) and requires additional organisation.

In some cases, however, the failure is relatively simple, e.g., replacing used electrolytic capacitors in a power supply module, reinforcing the soldering on a socket/plug, or even replacement of a fuse.

As part of this activity, a centre will be created at the Ochota Campus where researchers will be able to get help from a specialist/technician to diagnose the issue and assess whether it should be repaired on site or elsewhere.

The planned budget is proportional to the need to equip the workplace; in addition, a technician will be needed.

Coordinating unit

  • Faculty of Physics

Entities involved in implementation

  • All entities taking part in the competitions