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Websites of Actions and projects implemented within the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Programme at the University of Warsaw:

Archeooriental Studies

see also: Action I.3.10 sub-page

Center for Systemic Risk Analysis

see also: Action I.3.2 sub-page

Centre for Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (AMO)

see also: Action II.3.10 sub-page

Centre for Machine Learning (Center4ML)

see also: Action I.3.7 sub-page

Centre for Research on Ancient Civilizations (CRAC)

see also: Action I.3.11 sub-page

Institute for Advanced Studies

see also: Action I.3.8 sub-page

Kampus-Pracownik – learning platform

see also: development activities sub-page

Non-Anthropocentric cultural subjectivity

see also: Action I.3.12 sub-page