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I.3.10. Preparation and launching of an interdisciplinary research and teaching project Archeooriental Studies

Invitation to submit projects under “Archeooriental Studies”

Preparation and launching of an interdisciplinary research and teaching project Archeooriental Studies (hereinafter: Archeooriental Studies) is an Action under the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Programme, conducted in cooperation with the Faculty of Oriental Studies, the Faculty of Archaeology and the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw.

The aim of Archeooriental Studies is to increase the research potential of the University of Warsaw in the field of studies on the cultures of Asia and Africa, by strengthening and developing cooperation between the above-mentioned units and creating a new quality of research. Scientific achievements presented in highly-scored publications and in leading scientific databases are to be a measurable effect of the activity. The main subject of research in the project is the relationship between broadly-understood power (political, religious, etc.) and space (e.g., the organisation of a place, the setting of boundaries, or constructing social space).

As one of the activities under Archeooriental Studies, funding is provided for projects that will measurably contribute to achieving the highest quality of research and scientific publications, strengthening foreign contacts and the international position of the University of Warsaw.

The aim of the competition is to support research projects at the intersection of oriental studies and archaeology. We invite research teams consisting of employees of the University of Warsaw, in which at least one person represents archaeology and at least one person is involved in research on Asian or African cultures. Oriental-archaeological partnership is a prerequisite; projects that do not contain information about archaeological-oriental collaboration will not be considered. We recommend consulting with the manager of the activity before submitting an application.

The competition budget is 30,000 PLN. The maximum amount that can be applied for is 10,000 PLN. The Committee reserves the right to award an amount of funding which is lower than the requested amount, in the event of a large influx of high-quality projects. In the case of projects where one of the elements is a study trip to Egypt, we offer free accommodation at the CAŚ UW Research Station in Cairo.

Applications must be submitted using the attached form by 11.06.2021, and sending them to ​archeoorientalistyka@uw.edu.pl. In accordance with Ordinance No. 279 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of 10 December 2020, regarding electronic mail at the University of Warsaw (UW Monitor of 2020, item 496), please use only university e-mail.

Competition rules

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