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The conference “IDUB research infrastructure”

Category: Events, I.4.1, I.4.2, Results

Researchers from many different areas of life sciences attended the “IDUB Research Infrastructure” conference on 27 February 2023 to learn about the capabilities of selected equipment at the UW Faculty of Physics.

The main purpose of the event was to present the opportunities offered by the research infrastructure at the Faculty of Physics, including that funded by the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Programme. Visitors received information about the possibility of obtaining funding for the purchase and manufacture of new equipment, the development of existing laboratories, and the employment of operators of specialised equipment. Funds are awarded through competitions. According to their rules, research equipment is not only available to the research team that applied for its purchase. It can also be used – on terms agreed with infrastructure project managers – by other UW research groups, as well as by external users.

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