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IV.5.2. Programme for young female researchers and teachers

Projects under this measure will address the loss of involvement during the development of women’s research and teaching careers (women make up only 1/3 of those in the highest positions at UW). Based on a diagnosis of the current situation, methodological and organisational solutions will be created for future development programmes at the University, in order to counteract the phenomenon of “wasted” potential among female researchers and teachers at particular stages in their academic careers. Researchers and teachers participating in the programme will receive financial support in planning and implementing an individualised professional development path.

“Programme for young female researchers and teachers” is an action included in the Gender Equality Plan for UW and the Equality Action Plan for 2020-2023 adopted by the Rector’s Order No 194 of 27 August 2020. (Objective 2: support the development of women’s scientific careers). Concurrently, the action was included in the Action Plan related to the implementation of The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers at University of Warsaw for 2022-2027 prepared in connection with the award of HR Excellence in Research to the University of Warsaw.