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IV.5.2. Programme for young female researchers and teachers – I competition

This regulation is not valid for the current call. Please read current competition rules.

Call for competition

  • Name: Programme for young female researchers and teachers
  • Objective: addressing the issue of loss of involvement among women during the development of their research careers at UW (including: a closer examination of the needs of young female researchers in terms of supporting the development of their careers, support for a group of young female researchers in the development of their scientific careers, testing tools and developing methodological and organisational solutions for future developmental programmes at UW); promoting the idea of the need to support the development of young talent in scientific fields at the University of Warsaw
  • Applicant: female researcher who: is employed on a contract of employment at the University of Warsaw; holds a doctoral degree after which no more than 7 years have elapsed (with the exceptions of the conditions described in the “Rules”); represents the scientific disciplines for which they were appointed to the UW Scientific Councils of Disciplines; is included in the N-number of employees; may actively take part in the activities provided for in the Programme
  • Competition announcement date: 09.06.2022
  • Starting date of the call for applications: 09.06.2022
  • End date of the call for applications: 19.08.2022 30.09.2022
  • Form of submitting applications: only in electronic form, to the address bsp.szkolenia@uw.edu.pl

W przypadku wątpliwości rozstrzygające jest polskie brzmienie zasad i załączników.
In any doubt, the Polish wording of the rules and annexes shall prevail.

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Rules of the 1st competition in Action IV.5.2 “Programme for young female researchers and teachers”

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A female researcher who is on an academic leave of absence may apply to the programme; the developmental activities which are carried out in the Programme (in accordance with the Description of the programme in Section 2) are not work tasks (completing work-related tasks).

In accordance with labour law, it is necessary to forego an academic leave of absence in the event of circumstances which do not permit the leave to be used in accordance with its purpose, e.g., a temporary inability to work due to illness, maternity leave, or the necessity to complete work responsibilities.

The competition is intended for researchers who at the moment of applying are employed in the group of research/teaching or teaching staff.

The table shows the applicant’s research activities. It is necessary to include all of the projects in which the researcher has participated (or is currently participating) in the specified capacity.

Funding for some of the research projects may have been obtained by the researcher herself; in that case, information on that subject will again be included in the second table.

The table shows the activities of the researcher in obtaining funding. Only applications initiated by the researcher herself should be included.

Yes, the applications may include those which have not yet been approved. In the “Result” column, you should write “Unapproved” (Note: that option has not been included in the form).

When an opinion concerning an Individual Research Plan (IPB) is issued by a person from outside of UW, which does not allow for undeniable confirmation of the equivalence of the discipline represented by that person and the candidate, it is necessary to add a statement to the opinion which states: “I hereby declare that I have the experience and scientific background to complete a substantive assessment of the action plan submitted for my opinion”).

This statement may also be presented as a separate attachment to the individual research plan, along with the name and surname of the researcher that the opinion concerns, the name of the employing university (University of Warsaw) and the number of the Action and the name of the programme (IV.5.2 Excellence Initiative – Research University).

It is also recommended that in such cases, the email address of the researcher issuing the opinion should be included (in case of a need for verification).

The opinion of the IRP may be sent by the person issuing it in such a way that the email address given by the applicant is in the CC line. It should be emphasised that in such cases it remains the responsibility of the applicant to send the full documentation (including resending the opinion) in accordance with the guidelines in para. 7 points 2 and 3 of the Rules for the 1st edition of the competition in the Programme.

In a situation where, at the institution awarding the doctoral degree, the content of the dissertation review is not made available to the author of the dissertation, we recommend applying the solution described in Art. 7, section 3, point 2 of the competition rules for a similar situation, i.e. obtaining a doctoral degree at an institution that does not require a review of the dissertation. You should then attach an explanation to your application. It will also be helpful if you include the message you received from the university.

Please note that, alternatively, a review of the candidate’s chosen publication is allowed to be attached to the application.

Pursuant to section 6 para. 3 point 1 of the Rules for the 1st competition, the researcher should be employed at the time of submitting an application form.

Pursuant to section 6 para. 4, the condition for participation in the Programme is remaining employed at UW throughout the entire period, from the date of submitting the application to the completion, which is affirmed in section 2 para. 3 point 3, which refers to loss of employment at UW among the reasons for ending one’s participation in the programme.

Simultaneously, the rules foresee a simplified procedure for restoring participation in the Programme (section 6 para. 5) in case of a participant’s loss of employment at UW.

Pursuant to section 3 para. 1 point 2, the mentor will be chosen for the researchers by the organiser from among experienced employees of UW. Although there are plans to gather information from the participants concerning their preferences, there is no possibility of guaranteeing all of the participants’ expectations, including choices of particular people.

There are no established criteria or circumstances that the Programme Board should take into account when deciding how to conduct the interview and Development Centre (DC) sessions.

The essence of the DC is the observation of the participants’ behaviour during the tasks, for some of the tasks are required to be carried out in groups. Therefore, it seems unlikely that remote participation of a female participant in exercises conducted for other female participants stationary and vice versa would be allowed.

Such objections are unlikely to arise in the case of individual interviews. However, the final decision lies with the Programme Board.

At the moment, it is difficult to determine the exact time frame, as it depends, among other things, on the number of formal deficiencies in the submitted candidate documents and the length of the first stage.

Yes, a second edition of the competition is planned, but the date of its announcement is not yet known.

Given that the rules clearly indicate which reviews will be taken into account, it is difficult to determine whether the document you are writing about will be taken into account by the Programme Board. If you decide to include this document, please include the required explanation at the same time.

  • prof. dr hab. E. Bulska, Biological and Chemical Research Centre – chairperson
  • prof. dr hab. P. Kulesza, Faculty of Chemistry
  • prof. dr hab. J. Sujecka-Zając, Faculty of Modern Languages
  • dr hab. M. Wrzosek, prof. ucz, Faculty of Biology
  • dr hab. J. Choińska-Mika, prof. ucz, Faculty of History
  • dr hab. K. Imbir, prof. ucz, Faculty of Psychology
  • dr K. Łudzińska, Faculty of Management
  • mgr J. Wąsowska, Human Resources Office – Action IV.5.2 Coordinator

By decision of the Programme Manager, the following applicants were shortlisted for the 1st edition of the “Programme for young female researchers and teachers”:

  • dr Katarzyna Roguz, Faculty of Biology
  • dr Maria Reimann, Faculty of Culture and Arts
  • dr Justyna Orchowska, Institute of the Americas and Europe
  • dr Magdalena Skorupska, Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies
  • dr Justyna Łukaszewska-Bezulska, Faculty of Political Science and International Studies
  • dr Aleksandra Szaniawska, Faculty of Chemistry
  • dr Anna Dąbrowska, Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies
  • dr Marta Pietrusińska, Faculty of Education
  • dr Zofia Bakuła, Faculty of Biology
  • dr Marta Kulik, Faculty of Chemistry
  • dr Maria Małanicz-Przybylska, Faculty of Culture and Arts
  • dr Ewa Zawojska, Faculty of Economic Sciences
  • dr Magda Żelazowska-Sobczyk, Faculty of Applied Linguistics
  • dr Natalia Pamuła, Institute of the Americas and Europe
  • dr Anna Kurowicka, Institute of the Americas and Europe