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The second edition of the training seminar – “The scientific journal. From idea to publication”

Category: I.2.1, Trainings

The University of Warsaw Press (WUW) invites you to the second edition of a training seminar organized as part of Action I.2.1 – “Improving the publishing capacities”, addressed to employees of the University of Warsaw: the editors-in-chief of scientific journals, secretaries and members of editorial boards, managing editors, and also those who intend to establish a new scientific journal or reactivate a discontinued periodical.

The aim of the course is to systematize knowledge about publishing a scientific journal, and to present solutions for problems that may arise during planning and implementation.

Participants of the course will learn the steps they should follow when creating a new scientific journal and what recommendations should be taken into account. Topics range from the choice of the discipline / disciplines, subject matter and its scope, recognition of the competition, to the frequency of publication, method of financing, and distribution. The formalities which should be completed to register the journal, assign ISSN, e-ISSN, DOI, and ORCID numbers, will be discussed. Those taking part will learn about the basics of copyright law, the types of Creative Commons licenses, the meaning of the term “public domain”, and the factors influencing the choice of license type.

Members of the editorial boards of journals will learn how important the structure, information about the author and publisher, composition of the abstract, selection of keywords, and bibliographic record are to the distribution of the content of articles. They will hear why a modern scientific journal cannot exist without a dedicated website, what one should look like, and what it should contain. Bibliometric databases and the conditions on applying to the databases as indicated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education – Scopus and Web of Science.

The training seminar will be conducted by editor Dorota Dziedzic, who heads the editorial office of scientific journals at the University of Warsaw Press.

Details about the training seminar and registration