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New Ideas 2a (Nowe Idee 2A) – announcement of the second edition of the IDUB Programme competitions

Category: Calls for proposals, New Ideas

The second edition of competitions organised by Priority Research Areas (POB) under New Ideas (Nowe Idee) is planned to be announced in the first quarter of 2022. Their aim will be to support research projects thematically related to the POB.

Under the current call – “New Ideas 2A” – it will be possible to submit an application by an employee of the University of Warsaw, who has the status of a young scientist i.e., holds a doctoral degree, obtained no longer than 7 years before the announcement of the competition; is among the N-classified employees; conducts research in the field of POB II. The duration of the projects cannot be longer than 30 June 2023. The substantive and financial settlement should be sent after finishing the project.

You are welcome to apply.

Detailed information on competitions and competition documentation will be posted on the website:

Detailed rules for granting