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The world without borders – an invitation

Category: Events, III.3.2, Results

The director of the University of Warsaw Museum, Dr hab. Hubert Kowalski, prof. ucz., and Dr hab. Dariusz Manasterski, the exhibit curator, would like to invite you to the opening of an exhibition entitled “Archaeological research on social relations at the turn of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages in north-eastern Poland”.

The archaeological exhibit “The world without borders” presents the findings of research conducted in recent years by archaeologists from the University of Warsaw Museum, the Museum of Podlasie in Białystok, and the Polish Academy of Sciences Museum of the Earth in Warsaw.

The main theme of the exhibition concerns the social relations which may have existed at the turn of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages in north-eastern Poland, an area dominated by lakes and river floodplains which remains insufficiently documented, despite intensified interdisciplinary research in recent years. However, as a result of the increase in work on key sites, new ones have been identified. These may indeed be called “key sites”, as they contain archaeological sources which significantly alter our peripheral perceptions of the cultural situation taking place there in the 2nd millennium BC. Now, in popular science terms, we would like to present the results obtained to date, and the hypotheses which have been proposed on the basis of those investigations.

The exhibit presents a variety of artistic interpretations of events which might have taken place in the past, along with documentation carried out during actual archaeological research.

The exhibit in the Old University Library (“Stary BUW”) building is the first part of a display called “The world without borders”.

Please come visit starting on
19.12.2022, at 12:00
The University of Warsaw Museum
The Old University Library (“Stary BUW”)
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28

The exhibition was organised as part of Action III.3.2 “Promotion of scientific research in the public domain”.