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University Journals and Monographs Platform

Category: I.2.1

Within the framework of “Excellence Initiative – Research University”, a decision has been made to launch a University Journals and Monographs Platform.

Main goals: to launch the University Platform:

  1. The platform and editorial management system will be addressed to editorial offices that are owned by University of Warsaw (editorial-production system),
  2. The platform and publishing management software will be addressed to publishing sections of Faculties that publish scientific monographs.

Working group: a working group will be appointed to create specifications of the platform.

Planned launch of the platform: December 2025

Publicly available platform is aimed at the University of Warsaw community dealing with publishing scientific materials (journals owned by University of Warsaw or Faculty publishers) regardless of publishing model (Open Access/Subscription). Launch of the platform is planned for December 2025. The platform is planned to consist of an editorial system and a production system. One of the main aims of the platform is its versatility and adaptation to needs at multiple levels (editorial teams, Faculties, publishers). The platform is set to deliver services at four main levels: hosting, editorial production system, comprehensive publishing solutions, and information hub.

Main priority of the platform is to disseminate publications issued by University of Warsaw, that calls for creating a platform capable to not only fulfill the technical and legislative requirements but also one that accommodates global trends, innovative solutions and is compatible with services all over the world.

Ultimately the platform will support editorial teams and publishers not only in day-to-day operations, but also thanks to the ability of directly exporting metadata, it will simplify contacts with external and internal sources, such as UW repository, PBN, indexing databases, web-search engines, and social media platforms.

In addition, the platform will serve as a source of current information regarding publishing processes, indexing databases requirements, and all other important matters connected to the publishing industry, not only at the level of Editorial Teams or Publishers but also at the level of the authors.

A working group will be appointed to prepare the platforms technical specifications. The group will prepare the necessary documentation based on information collected within consultation period and a questionnaire, designed to identify the needs of future stakeholders.

Any information regarding this project will be published at Actions I.2.1 – Improvement of publishing capacities.

We invite to active participation in the project (as group members, during consultations or in writing by sending comments or observations). If you are interested, please contact ja.lewczuk@uw.edu.pl.