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IV.2.3. Mobility of students – mobility, 1st call

Call for competition

  • Name: the 1st competition to co-finance the mobility of students of the University of Warsaw
  • Objective: to co-finance projects that will allow students to gain experience, knowledge, and skills, as well as raise the level of their research by enabling them to undertake research trips to foreign research units
  • Applicant: students of the University of Warsaw
  • Competition announcement date: 17.10.2022
  • Starting date of the call for applications: 18.10.2022
  • End date of the call for applications: 15.11.2022
  • Competition budget: 1,000,000 PLN
  • Project budget: up to 50,000 PLN for a research trip
  • Form of submitting applications: only electronically, to stud.idub@uw.edu.pl with the subject heading “Student Mobility”
Competition rulesSelection committeeResults

Competition rules

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  • dr hab. Jan Rudnicki, Faculty of Law and Administration – Chairperson
  • dr hab. Patrycja Grzebyk, prof. ucz., Faculty of Political Science and International Studies
  • dr Bogumiła Świeżewska, Faculty of Physics
  • dr Katarzyna Wagner, Faculty of History
  • Kamila Siatka, Faculty of Law and Administration – representative of the Students’ Council

By the decision of the Programme Manager, the following applications received funding:

  • Filip Olszówka (Faculty of Law and Administration) – 39,966.40 PLN
  • Mikołaj Wolanin (Faculty of Law and Administration) – 42,674.38 PLN
  • Sylwia Piątek (Faculty of Biology) – 49,504.00 PLN
  • Kacper Cybiński (Faculty of Physics) – 49,788.48 PLN
  • Juliusz Galiński (Faculty of Culture and Arts) – 49,995.00 PLN
  • Tatiana Barkovskiy (Faculty of Philosophy) – 50,000.00 PLN
  • Natalia Deptała (Faculty of Law and Administration) – 49,710.00 PLN
  • Michał Kochanowski (Faculty of Biology) – 46,368.00 PLN
  • Michał Marynowski (Faculty of Physics) – 36,440.00 PLN
  • Maja Podgórska (Faculty of Modern Languages) – 39,966.00 PLN
  • Bartłomiej Starzyński (Faculty of Biology) – 37,294.60 PLN
  • Kacper Szewczyk (Faculty of Law and Administration) – 47,837.77 PLN
  • Jacek Kenig (Faculty of Physics) – 49,940.00 PLN
  • Daria Szerewicz (Center for Andean Studies) – 39,193.00 PLN
  • Dawid Woś (Faculty of Physics) – 50,000.00 PLN
  • Mikołaj Krąpiec (Faculty of Modern Languages) – 42,559.00 PLN
  • Maciej Głuchowski (Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics) – 50,000.00 PLN
  • Daniel Kozłowski (Faculty of Physics) – 32,500.00 PLN
  • Julia Kwiecińska (Faculty of Psychology) – 50,000.00 PLN