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IV.4.1. A complex programme of support for UW PhD students – 1st research competition

  • Name of the competition: The 1st competition for co-financing scientific research by doctoral candidates at the University of Warsaw under Action IV.4.1 “A complex programme of support for UW PhD students”
  • Objective: to finance new research undertakings to improve the quality of the research being carried out by doctoral students as part of their dissertation preparations, which should also facilitate their timely defence
  • Applicant: all PhD students of the University of Warsaw
  • Date of competition announcement: 01.02.2022
  • Start date for the call for proposals: 01.02.2022
  • Closing date for the call for proposals: 01.03.2022
  • Competition budget: 1 000 000 PLN
  • Project budget: up to 30 000 PLN
  • Project duration: max. 12 months
  • How to apply: only electronically to the following address dokt.idub@uw.edu.pl
Competition rulesFAQ (updated 18.02.2022)Field teams membersResults

The rules of the 1st competition for co-financing scientific research by doctoral candidates at the University of Warsaw under Action IV.4.1 “A complex programme of support for UW PhD students”

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No, It is only possible to include remuneration (benefits) for people who will be taking part in the planned research, for example, in surveys. However, those studies must be carried out within Poland.
Books can be purchased as materials for the handy book collection.
The cost of purchasing a subscription and access to the database will only be eligible if the University of Warsaw does not have access to specific resources and the cost is incurred only within the project duration, e.g. if access is for 12 months and the project lasts 8 months, the project funds may cover a part of the costs corresponding to the cost of those 8 months.
Yes, that is acceptable. The maximum amount of the license may not exceed 10,000.00 PLN, and it may only be purchased for the duration of the project, e.g., if the license is for 12 months and the project lasts 8 months, the project funds can be used to cover part of the costs, corresponding to the cost of those 8 months.
Yes, but only up to 10,000.00 PLN.
No, that is not possible. In the case of field research, it is possible to cover the costs of admission tickets and permits to enter a closed area, provided that those costs are documented in the form of invoices.
The cost of participation in a conference is not eligible under the 1st research competition, which has been announced.
The purchase of an electronic device is only possible on condition that it is classified as small laboratory equipment, IT/office equipment, and simultaneously does not meet the definition of a fixed asset, according to the ordinance on fixed assets [https://monitor.uw.edu.pl/Lists/Uchwaly/Attachments/4986/M.2019.239Zarz.94.pdf]. Otherwise, that type of device cannot be purchased.

An organisational unit may use its own funds to co-finance a project which is being implemented under the competition. These funds may come, in particular, from the budgets of UW units or projects from external funding, as long as it is not contradictory to the rules for those projects.
The application should show only the costs for which funding is being requested under the competition.
The rules of the competition do not restrict participation in the competition by people who have already implemented (or are implementing) projects financed by IDUB. However, it should be borne in mind that the same activities cannot be financed doubly.
No, as long as the preliminary research and the research planned as part of the application to the competition under Action IV.4.1 do not overlap with the tasks carried out under the microgrant. However, it should be borne in mind that the same activities cannot be financed twice.
Applicants do not need to have experience with conducting research projects, but 10 out of 30 points possible are for one’s scientific achievements, as well as teaching and organisational activities. Presentation of one’s achievements in the above categories will have an impact on the final evaluation of the application.
The competition procedure is described in the competition rules. The Organisational Units at the University of Warsaw where applicants conduct (or plan to conduct) research are involved in the process – not the doctoral schools.
The competition application cannot provide for remuneration for the manager and/or contractor of the planned research, including the costs of promoting and popularising scientific research.
The funds granted as part of IDUB co-financing are settled in accordance with University-wide rules. The purchase of materials and the commissioning of external services is carried out in accordance with public procurement law.
All doctoral candidates from the University of Warsaw may apply, regardless of their year of study; however, the information about the year of study may have an impact on the evaluation of the research planned in the application, regarding the stage of work on the doctoral dissertation.
Yes, doctoral candidates who are on leave still hold their doctoral candidate status at the University of Warsaw, and only the lack of that status precludes the submission of an application.
The loss of one’s status as a doctoral candidate at the University of Warsaw is a condition which precludes receiving funding. During the suspension of one’s education at the Doctoral School, doctoral candidates still have doctoral candidate status.
Representatives of the Doctoral Students’ Self-Government are recommended by the competent authority of the Doctoral Students’ Self-Government, and then appointed by the IDUB Programme Manager for the evaluation of applications in the competition.
The indication of a related scientific discipline is obligatory and necessary for the substantive evaluation of the application. The lack of that information will constitute a formal error in the application.
For this competition, we suggest planning research commencing no earlier than 1 May 2022.
A personal presentation at a conference (of a paper or poster) means that the applicant was at the conference and delivered a paper or presented a poster there. This limitation is intended to exclude achievements involving the co-authorship of papers/posters which were presented by other people.
The evaluation of the Project Description includes the use of whole points, though the evaluation of scientific, teaching, and organisational activities may include partial points (0.5 point).
If the results are achieved later than 30 days following the end of the project, the competition laureate, research supervisor(s) or tutor(s) may submit a supplement to the substantive report, no later than 31.12.2025.
Yes, as long as the continuation of the pilot research is still a new research task in the framework of the doctoral dissertation which is under preparation.
No such deadline has been specified. The applications are assessed on a regular basis, subject to current capacity.

The scientific disciplines that can be pointed to should be selected from the following list:

  • archaeology
  • philosophy
  • history
  • linguistics
  • literary studies
  • cultural and religious studies
  • arts
  • economics and finance
  • social and economic geography and spatial management
  • security studies
  • communication and media studies
  • political science and public administration
  • management and quality studies
  • law
  • sociology
  • education
  • psychology
  • astronomy
  • mathematical sciences
  • computer science
  • biological sciences
  • chemical sciences
  • physical sciences
  • earth and environmental sciences

Humanities team

  1. dr hab. Wiesław Więckowski – archaeology
  2. prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Lewartowski – archaeology
  3. dr Marta Zaręba – philosophy
  4. dr Natalia Juchniewicz – philosophy
  5. dr Agnieszka Brylak – history
  6. dr hab. Marcin Zaremba, prof. ucz. – history
  7. dr hab. Monika Opalińska – linguistics
  8. prof. dr hab Krystyna Waszak – linguistics
  9. dr hab. Andriej Moskwin – literary studies
  10. dr hab. Joanna Godlewicz-Adamiec, prof. ucz. – literary studies
  11. dr Amanda Krzyworzeka – cultural and religious studies
  12. dr. Łukasz Zaremba – cultural and religious studies
  13. dr hab. Agnieszka Leszczyńska – art studies
  14. dr. hab. Marcin Lachowski – art studies
  15. mgr Alicja Relidzyńska – Doctoral students’ self-government
  16. mgr Julia Wilde – Doctoral students’ self-government

Team in the social sciences

  1. dr hab. Anna Matysiak, prof. ucz. – economics and finance
  2. dr hab. Renata Karkowska, prof. ucz. – economics and finance
  3. dr hab. Katarzyna Podhorodecka – social and economic geography and spatial management
  4. dr Izabela Gołębiowska – social and economic geography and spatial management
  5. dr hab. Agnieszka Bieńczyk-Missala, prof. ucz. – security studies
  6. prof. dr hab. Andrzej Misiuk – security studies
  7. prof. dr hab. Jadwiga Woźniak-Kasperek – communication and media studies
  8. prof. dr hab. Robert Cieślak – communication and media studies
  9. dr hab. Jakub Zajączkowski – political science and public administration
  10. dr hab. Wojciech Gagatek, prof. ucz. – political science and public administration
  11. dr Mariola Zalewska – management and quality studies
  12. dr Krzysztof Nowak – management and quality studies
  13. dr Anne-Marie Weber-Elżanowska – law
  14. dr hab. Jan Winczorek – law
  15. prof. dr hab. Aleksander Manterys – sociology
  16. prof. dr hab. Anna Giza-Poleszczuk – sociology
  17. dr Agnieszka Wołowicz – education
  18. dr Agnieszka Małkowska-Szkutnik – education
  19. dr Aneta Miękisz – psychology
  20. dr Oliwia Maciantowicz – psychology
  21. mgr Barbara Lipińska-Zańko – Doctoral students’ self-government
  22. mgr Feliks Tuszko – Doctoral students’ self-government

Natural sciences team

  1. dr Dorota Skowron – astronomy
  2. dr Radosław Poleski – astronomy
  3. dr hab. Michał Skrzypczak – computer and information sciences
  4. dr hab. Norbert Dojer – computer and information sciences
  5. dr hab. Agnieszka Wiszniewska-Matyszkiel – mathematics
  6. dr hab. Maciej Borodzik – mathematics
  7. dr hab. Radosław Stachowiak – biological sciences
  8. dr Katarzyna Goździk – biological sciences
  9. prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Stojek – chemical sciences
  10. dr hab. Marzena Jankowska-Anyszka, prof. ucz. – chemical sciences
  11. dr hab. Krzysztof Rolbiecki – physical sciences
  12. dr hab. Piotr Wasylczyk – physical sciences
  13. dr hab. Dorota Porowska, prof. ucz. – Earth and related environmental sciences
  14. dr hab. Mikołaj Zapalski, prof. ucz. – Earth and related environmental sciences
  15. mgr Tomasz Wąs – Doctoral students’ self-government
  16. mgr Michai Suster – Doctoral students’ self-government

Competition results

As part of the 1st competition for the funding of research of doctoral students of the UW under Action IV.4.1 “A complex programme of support for UW PhD students”, 106 complete applications were submitted between 1.02.2022 and 1.03.2022. On the basis of the recommendations of the field teams and having taken into account the high level of the submitted applications, the Manager of the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Programme, the Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Zygmunt Lalak, decided on the 1st competition for co-financing doctoral students’ research by increasing the competition’s budget to the amount of nearly PLN 1 280 000. Lists of laureates of the applications which obtained co-financing are presented below.

Full name Organisational unit Co-financing
Dobrawa Aleksiak Faculty of Education 5 888,00 PLN
Mustafa Al-Sarraf Faculty of Biology 28 409,00 PLN
Mateusz Bocheński Faculty of Physics 29 900,00 PLN
Magda Borysławska Faculty of Modern Languages 11 200,00 PLN
Dominika Bulska Robert Zajonc Institute for Social Studies 21 600,00 PLN
Kinga Burdach Faculty of Chemistry 29 279,00 PLN
Elvira Chapkauskaitse Faculty of Biology 30 000,00 PLN
Maria Dąbrowska Faculty of Biology 29 800,00 PLN
Jakub Dobosz Faculty of Physics 29 720,00 PLN
Martyna Dudziak-Kisio Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies 24 600,00 PLN
Jakub Dunin-Borkowski Faculty of Modern Languages 12 800,00 PLN
Robert Dziedziczak Faculty of Geology 25 900,00 PLN
Mateusz Filipek Faculty of Physics 25 650,00 PLN
Joanna Gorgol Faculty of Psychology 15 000,00 PLN
Sara Herczyńska Faculty of Polish Studies 4 050,00 PLN
Niklas Hohmann Faculty of Biology 7 137,20 PLN
Mateusz Iskra Faculty of Biology 29 900,00 PLN
Diana Jaworska Faculty of Psychology 9 918,00 PLN
Namrata Joshi Faculty of Biology 28 500,00 PLN
Ainur Kakimova Faculty of Applied Linguistics 14 040,00 PLN
Joanna Kamykowska Faculty of Psychology 11 792,00 PLN
Adam Karpiński Faculty of Chemistry 29 100,00 PLN
Konrad Kiljan Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies 13 400,00 PLN
Kamil Kobyliński Faculty of Geology 16 000,00 PLN
Anna Kordas Faculty of Culture and Arts 20 000,00 PLN
Alexander Korneluk Faculty of Physics 16 230,00 PLN
Iga Kwiatkowska Faculty of Biology 21 960,00 PLN
Wojciech Lasota Faculty of Education 15 000,00 PLN
Maria Leniarska Faculty of Psychology 15 000,00 PLN
Karolina Łempicka-Mirek Faculty of Physics 30 000,00 PLN
Marcin Łukasz Żebrowski Faculty of Biology 29 987,04 PLN
Francesca Marchetto Centre of New Technologies 29 990,00 PLN
Bartosz Mierzejewski Faculty of Biology 28 400,00 PLN
Małgorzata Mileszczyk Faculty of Culture and Arts 16 919,00 PLN
Michał Nawrocki Faculty of Sociology 15 000,00 PLN
Maria Opałka Faculty of Culture and Arts 18 900,00 PLN
Wojciech Oronowicz-Jaśkowiak Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics 10 000,00 PLN
Beata Pszczółkowska Faculty of Physics 24 220,00 PLN
Stanisław Rabczuk Faculty of Law and Administration 13 050,00 PLN
Paulina Rajchel-Mieldzioć Faculty of Physics 29 912,00 PLN
Kinga Rogowska Faculty of Polish Studies 6 400,00 PLN
Karolina Romańczuk Faculty of Biology 29 549,00 PLN
Igor Siedlecki Faculty of Biology 23 740,00 PLN
Marta Siepsiak Faculty of Psychology 28 347,00 PLN
Kinga Stępniak Faculty of Biology 29 200,00 PLN
Anna Stróż Faculty of Physics 28 700,00 PLN
Michał Styczyński Faculty of Biology 10 000,00 PLN
Jerzy Szuniewicz Faculty of Physics 29 990,00 PLN
Małgorzata Talipska Faculty of Polish Studies 30 000,00 PLN
Wojciech Waleriańczyk Faculty of Psychology 15 000,00 PLN
Radost Waszkiewicz Faculty of Physics 20 000,00 PLN
Anna Węgrzyn Faculty of Biology 29 845,00 PLN
Adrianna Wielgopolan Faculty of Psychology 29 600,00 PLN
Wojciech Wilczyński Faculty of Biology 30 000,00 PLN
Agata Witan Faculty of Polish Studies 21 633,00 PLN
Marcin Witkowski Faculty of Chemistry 26 451,00 PLN
Michał Wypych Faculty of Psychology 15 000,00 PLN
Michalina Zaborowska Faculty of Chemistry 27 226,10 PLN
Katarzyna Zagórska Faculty of Economic Sciences 25 000,00 PLN