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The COVID-19 track in IDUB UW microgrants

Category: Calls for proposals, IV.3.1, Microgrants

Part of the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” (IDUB) is an internal grant system, whose main objective is to support the development of researcher employed at the University of Warsaw, and doctoral candidates. On June 3, as part of IDUB microgrants, an additional COVID-19 track was launched.

The IDUB programme includes an internal grant system, the main objective of which is to support researchers employed at the University of Warsaw and doctoral students, as well as to increase the development potential of the university. Within the framework of the system, two activities are implemented: Microgrants, and Supporting publishing activities in the open access model.

On 3 June 2020, an additional COVID-19 track was launched under “Microgrants”.

It is intended to finance activities which allow for the creation or specification of a research project which will be submitted to one of the institutions financing research in Poland or abroad, including European Union programmes. The rules for application correspond to those for obtaining initial research funding for other research projects in the IDUB programme. The maximum funding for this track is 15,000 PLN. The condition for receiving financial support is applying for a grant from external sources within 12 months after the end of the research period. Proposals for preliminary research will be accepted until 3 July 2020.

“We encourage all interested parties to apply for funds, including project managers who submitted applications to the National Science Centre [NCN] but did not obtain funding under the «Express call to fund research on COVID-19»”, says the Pro-Rector for Research, Dr hab. Maciej Duszczyk.

Detailed rules for applying to the internal grant system under the IDUB UW program.

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