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Co-financing for visits to the University of Warsaw by outstanding researchers who have been awarded for their scientific achievements

Category: Calls for proposals, I.1.1/IV.1.1

The aim of the competition is to select mentoring visits for co-financing, during which cooperation with scientists/mentors will be established or further strengthened. The inclusion of a mentor in the work being done by teams at the University of Warsaw enables the formation of international networks of contacts with scientists from universities from other countries, including outstanding researchers of worldwide renown.

As part of the competition, applications for mentoring visits may be submitted by teams of UW employees (including interdisciplinary teams) from among 5 tracks, which are consistent with the individual POB (Priority Research Areas) in the IDUB) programme:

  • track 1 – POB I: Science for the Planet;
  • track 2 – POB II: Beyond Micro and Macro Worlds;
  • track 3 – POB III: The Challenge of Petabytes;
  • track 4 – POB IV: The Humanities: Crossing Borders, Extending Capabilities;
  • track 5 – POB V: Responding to Global Challenges;

and mentoring visits should contribute to:

  • internationalising the research conducted at the University of Warsaw;
  • increasing the chances of researchers from the University of Warsaw to join the work of teams implementing ground-breaking research projects, including those with the participation of outstanding researchers from universities in other countries;
  • increasing the research potential of the University of Warsaw by building an international research team;
  • establishing new contacts and stengthening existing relations with universities, schools, and scientific institutions of international renown; allowing for their continuation (e.g., through internships for researchers at the University of Warsaw);
  • increasing the publication and implementation capacity of the results of research carried out at the University of Warsaw.

The first call for proposals as part of the first edition in the 2021/2022 academic year will be open until 30 November 2021.

Competition Rules