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UW is implementing the ScienceCloud system

Category: Results, V.1.1

In September of 2021, the University of Warsaw purchased a system to support the evaluation of research quality, using funds from the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Programme

The ScienceCloud system, which was implemented in the fourth quarter of 2021, allows for an interactive record of achievements in all of the evaluation criteria. In addition, it was integrated with PBN and POL-on, which allowed for data to be supplied directly from ministerial interfaces. The software enables data analysis on the scientific achievements of employees who are included in the N-number and monitors the evaluation potential of all of the scientific disciplines functioning within the University of Warsaw. Its built-in algorithm, which is in line with current laws, allows for tracking and simulation of the fulfilment quotas by units, while taking into account the optimal selection of achievements in order to obtain the most favourable evaluation result. The ScienceCloud system will allow the authorities of universities and organisational units, as well as the heads of scientific disciplines, to efficiently manage the process related to preparing for evaluations. The tool will also support the activities of the Research Service Office – the unit coordinating this process within the University, which is also acting as the main user of ScienceCloud at the University of Warsaw.

In March 2022, training on the system’s functionality was held, which was addressed to future users – employees designated by the authorities of departments, units, and central offices.

Ultimately, ScienceCloud will be part of a broader knowledge management system, built as part of IDUB Action V.1.1. at the University of Warsaw.