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New Ideas 3A and 3B in POB IV – the start of the call for proposals

Category: Calls for proposals, New Ideas, POB V

From 25.11.2022 to 25.01.2023, it will be possible to submit applications for the New Ideas 3A and New Ideas 3B competitions to support research projects thematically related to Priority Research Area V.

The competition is open for UW employees who has the status of a young scientist i.e., holds a doctoral degree, obtained no longer than 7 years before the announcement of the competition – in New Ideas 3A or who holds at least a doctoral degree, obtained at least 7 years before the announcement of the competition – om New Ideas 3B; is among the N-number of employees, conducts research in the field of POB IV, in accordance with the subject of the submitted application. The amount obtained from PLN 30,000.00 to PLN 100,000.00 may be used to cover costs of:

  • submission of an application for a research grant;
  • employment of a researcher in an academic position at the University of Warsaw of a person who obtained a doctoral degree at a university other than UW;
  • employment of a scientist without Polish citizenship for an academic position at the University of Warsaw;
  • submission of a research paper created in cooperation with at least one co-author who is affiliated with a foreign institution, to a journal indexed in Scopus;
  • organising a trip for an academic teacher (teachers) or an administrative employee (employees) under the Erasmus program (STA / STT trips), aimed at improving the qualifications and competences of employees, as well as trips to conduct classes and training for professional development, including for young scientists.

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