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Support for the organisation of international conferences and scientific workshops in the field of atomic, molecular, and optical physics (AMO)

Category: Calls for proposals, II.3.10

Until 23.01.2023, the call for proposals is open for a competition that aims to raise the recognisability of AMO-related research at the University of Warsaw in the international arena, by reaching the widest possible group of researchers, including acknowledged world leaders, with the results of research conducted at UW.

Organizing committees of workshops or conferences, consisting of at least one employee from the University of Warsaw, may apply for an amount from PLN 30,000 to 60,000. The awarded funds can be used to cover the costs of promotional materials, creation of a website, costs related to inviting speakers who take an active part in the conference or workshop, renting rooms, publishing post-conference publications (including open access of these publications) and costs of a streaming platform.

Competition rules