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Conference “Beyond resilence: How European higher education is preparing for the future”

Category: Events, II.4.1

Between 3 and 5 July, will be held a conference entitled “Beyond resilence: how European higher education is preparing for the future”, organised in collaboration with Times Higher Education as part of the series “THE Europe Universities Summit 2023”.

The event has an international profile and will focus on topics such as:

  • academic excellence and international visibility of the university,
  • sustainability of universities in a climate crisis,
  • the role of universities in the process of economic and social reconstruction in Ukraine.

More than 30 panel sessions are planned over the three days, with speakers from the worlds of science and business from Poland and the rest of the world. In particular, during the so-called Rectors’ Round Table, one of the main sessions of the event, Professor Alojzy Z. Nowak, Rector of the University of Warsaw, will discuss issues such as the combined initiatives of European universities to create a leading and competitive arena for higher education in Europe from around the world. The debate will also address cooperation between Eastern and Western European countries, as well as cooperation across economic, social and political divides.

The event is co-organised and hosted by the University of Warsaw.

Full details of the event are available at: https://www.timeshighered-events.com/europe-universities-summit-2023