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Promotion of research carried out in the Roman camp of Novae

Category: III.3.2, Results

A video has been released online entitled “Novae. Roman legion fortress and ancient city” promoting research carried out by a team of scientists from the Faculty of Archaeology at the University of Warsaw.

Novae was a camp built in the first century AD by the Roman legion, as a permanent base of the 1st Italian Legion on the imperial frontier. In 69, it was decided to strengthen the border of the empire, as the neighbouring Dacia was feared. Therefore, the newly-formed legion, which was made up only of Italians, was then moved to the River Danube. It was stationed there until the mid-fifth century.

The fortifications belonging to the Roman fortress in which the 1st Italian Legion was located were discovered, among others, by an expedition of the Faculty of Archaeology of the University of Warsaw during research in Novae (near Svishtov) in Bulgaria, which has lasted several decades. The group of Agnieszka Tomas, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Archaeology at the University of Warsaw, is one of three Polish missions operating in Novae, and it is to their research that the film prepared under Action III.3.2 “Promotion of scientific research in the public domain” is devoted. The film takes a closer look at the reality of the work and presents the results so far.