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After the THE conference

Category: Events, II.4.1, Results

At the beginning of July, an international conference titled “Beyond resilience: How European higher education is preparing for the future” was held at the University of Warsaw. The event was organized in cooperation with Times Higher Education, a global authority on university leadership and performance.

Held annually in various European countries as part of the “THE Europe Universities Summit” series, the event became a platform for discussion among senior leadership of the region’s most ambitious universities, the organizations that invest in them, and governments that support them.

The summit aimed to find agenda-setting responses to key questions about the main opportunities and obstacles facing European higher education and to identify mechanisms to ensure that the sector is able to respond efficiently to global challenges at regional, national and international levels. The discussions covered three sub-themes:

  • Research excellence and international visibility of the university,
  • Resilience in European higher education – Recovery and reform,
  • Partnerships for security and growth.

During three days, over 30 panel sessions were held with over 60 science and business representatives from Poland and from abroad. The event was attended by over 200 people from 118 organizations from different regions of the world. During the debates, participants discussed such topics as the role of universities in creating strong and future-proof economies, inclusiveness in higher education, driving innovation, the future of research quality evaluation, the role of partnerships created between regions and across economic, social and political boundaries as well as many others.