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Training in the promotion of scientific research results

Category: III.3.2, Trainings

In connection with the implementation of Action III.3.2 “Promotion of scientific research in the public domain” in cooperation with the Activity V.3.5 “Program for the development and improvement of the researcher’ soft skills” we have prepared a training course combined with a workshop on the promotion of scientific research results for doctoral students, research staff as well as research and teaching staff.

The training is aimed at people conducting scientific research (all units of the University of Warsaw) who want to gain knowledge on how to promote and popularize the results of this research and apply for funding for such tasks. Participants will learn how to select the topic/scope of research best suited for dissemination and will be able to choose the best form of popularization and target group. They will also learn the principles of selecting the language of popularization. During the workshop session, they will have the opportunity to create a popularization program for the selected topic of their own research.

We invite you to attend on two dates: