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Training for staff and doctoral candidates – “UW Research Data” repository

Category: I.3.6, Trainings

We would like to invite you to the next remote training on the use of the institutional research data repository of the University of Warsaw – “UW Research Data” .

The training will take place if at least 15 people register for it.

The webinar will be divided into two parts: a presentation of the repository and instructions for depositing a sample dataset. Time has also been scheduled for a question and answer session.

The training sessions will be hosted by Magdalena Bielińska, Agnieszka Cybulska-Phelan i Wojciech Fenrich, Platformy Otwartej Nauki (ICM UW).

For more information, please contact Agnieszka Cybulska-Phelan, acybulska@uw.edu.pl, phone +48 22 874 94 59, https://pon.edu.pl/index.php?Itemid=103

The trainings are organized by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computer Modelling in cooperation with the Digital Competence Centre University of Warsaw. The trainings are implemented within the framework of Action I.3.6 “Digital humanities”.