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I.1.5. Thematic Research Programmes – call for applications

Call for competition

  • Name: Thematic Research Programmes
  • Objective: the implementation of a project which is thematically related to the POB III area, consisting of at least two of the following undertakings: a) temporary employment of outstanding experienced or young researchers; b) organisation of conferences; c) organisation of workshops; d) organisation of schools; e) visits by foreign researchers, for no longer than 1 month (the project should start no later than 30.06.2023)
  • Applicant: Organising Committee, i.e., researcher or researchers (no more than four people), of which at least one is an N number academic teacher from the University of Warsaw
  • Project budget: up to 300,000 PLN
  • Competition budget: 3,000,000 PLN
  • Date of competition announcement: 02.11.2021
  • Start date for the call for proposals: 08.11.2021
  • Closing date for the call for proposals: 15.12.2021, 11:59 p.m.
  • Closing date for the call for proposals: 28.01.2022
  • How to apply: only electronically to the following address pob3@mimuw.edu.pl
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The recommended amount is no more than PLN 15 000 (gross).

Such a cost fits into the category: External services. Please note that the aforementioned cost may not relate to substantive issues related to the organisation of the conference.

By the decision of the Programme Manager, the following applications received funding:

  • Applicant: dr hab. Iwona Chlebicka
    Title of the Thematic Research Program: Anisotropic and inhomogeneous phenomena
  • Applicant: dr Tomasz Piasecki
    Title of the Thematic Research Program: Against the flow