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II.2.3. Support of the relocation process of employees from abroad by introducing solutions facilitating involvement of new foreign employee to work at UW and preparation to stay in Poland

This activity is intended for a broadly-defined group of researchers and educators who coming to the University of Warsaw from abroad.

The main goal is to create a support system for employees who are coming to the University of Warsaw from abroad.

One of the basic activities will be to equip foreign employees who are starting work at the University of Warsaw with knowledge and competences which facilitate integration and effective work at the University of Warsaw, in particular those regarding the structure and organization of the University, obligations and rights, and the social and legal environment of the University of Warsaw, through the organization of training courses, as well as the preparation of informative materials.

Dedicated Polish language courses and an introduction to Polish culture are also planned.

In addition, it aims at facilitating the organization of arrivals and stays in Poland, improvement of communication between Polish and foreign employees, and the creation of a collaborative network.