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II.2.4. Support for the relocation process of employees from abroad by preparing the University of Warsaw academic community and administrative infrastructure for hosting employees from abroad

The main goal of the activity is to create a more accessible and friendly environment for employees coming to the University of Warsaw from abroad.

The first stage will be the analysis of data on researchers, teachers, and others who are coming to the University of Warsaw from abroad, and then developing tools for registering employees and visitors which will help in improved preparation of support.

Among other things, it at removing language barriers in the space of the University of Warsaw, as well as developing the cultural sensitivity of UW employees and increasing their language competences by organizing courses and training.

It will also be important to improve communication between offices and employees who are accepting and employing foreigners, and to create a collaborative network in order to develop common solutions and create a database of good practices. One of the results should also be the optimization of procedures related to the employment of foreign workers.