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III.3.1. Scholarships for Olympians – info

IDUB Programme Objective(s)

  • III. Improving the quality of education of students and doctoral candidates

Name of POB/activity group



The pilot programme will be addressed to the winners and finalists of the national Olympiads in particular subjects, as well as participants in international Olympiad competitions, and will encourage them to study at the University of Warsaw through a scholarship scheme.


The students who are winners or finalists in the subject Olympiads are spectacularly successful time and again, winning prizes in the most prestigious international competitions, thus demonstrating their great potential and abilities as future scientists.

Building strong academic staff at the University will be more effective if it starts from the recruitment and training of students. A large number of talented students, who are motivated to work and interested in taking up doctoral studies in the future, allow classes to be conducted at the highest level. Additionally, scientific and research activities can be started at the MA level.

A scholarship program may help to counteract the outflow of the best candidates, who go abroad to study.

Tasks and projects within the tasks

There is a plan to award approximately 250 scholarships per year to the best candidates – winners of subject Olympiads and participants in other international Olympiad competitions. The scholarship will amount to 1000 PLN/month and will be paid in two instalments per semester.

Coordinating unit

  • Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics

Entities involved in implementation

  • Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics