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V.3.1. Development of UW Staff competences – “Learning University”, 2nd edition

Call for competition

  • Name: Learning University – 2nd edition
  • Objective: co-financing of staff participation in postgraduate and part-time first- and second-cycle and unitary master’s degree programmes
  • Applicant: an employee of the University of Warsaw fulfilling the conditions indicated in the competition rules
  • Competition announcement date: 06.06.2024
  • Starting date of the call for applications: 06.06.2024
  • End date of the call for applications: 03.07.2024 09.07.2024, 12:00 p.m.
  • Competition budget: 270,000 PLN
  • Project budget: amount of funding 75% of the cost of studies, not more than PLN 8,000 (eight thousand zlotys)
  • Form of submitting applications: only in electronic form, to the address bsp.szkolenia@uw.edu.pl
Grant competition rulesFAQSelection committee

Competition rules

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Yes, absolutely, in accordance with § 2 para. 4 of the Rules of the 2nd “Learning University” competition, an employee of the University of Warsaw, whose employment contract with the University on the day of submitting the application covers a period not shorter than the total duration of studies and 12 consecutive months, may participate in the competition. The point is that the employer should also benefit from the improvement of qualifications by the employee.

However, it should be borne in mind that the date of graduation is the end of the semester or the end of the academic year, i.e., usually 30 September, and not the date of the last meeting.

Pursuant to § 6 para. 6 of the Rules, such applications are subject to evaluation by the committee, but will only be included in the ranking lists by consent of the Rector. The likelihood of consent depends primarily on whether the selected field of study is conducted at the University of Warsaw (it should first be checked whether the University of Warsaw conducts such a course or a course with a similar program).

Applications for studies carried out by external entities should be submitted in the same manner as all other applications. The committee will send a collective inquiry to the Rector before drawing up the ranking list.

In order to increase the chances of obtaining co-financing, we recommend choosing a course run by the University of Warsaw.

Pursuant to § 6 para. 7 of the Rules, the amount of co-financing in the competition is 75% of the cost of the studies indicated in the application, and not more than 8,000 PLN.

Unfortunately, no; in accordance with § 3 para. 1 of the Rules, co-financing may only cover studies starting in the academic year 2024/2025, whether in the winter or summer semester.

In accordance with § 3 para. 3 of the Rules, the Employee’s participation in the Studies should lead to the improvement of existing qualifications or the acquisition of new qualifications key from the point of view of the position held at the University, the function or role held currently or in the foreseeable future. At the same time, in § 5 para. 4 item 1 refers to the connection to the implemented tasks.

Studies may therefore concern tasks for the future position of an employee at the University of Warsaw, as long as the change has already been planned in consultation with the supervisor.

The committee is prepared to conduct the substantive evaluation of applications immediately following the end of the competition and to carry out the formal evaluation. It is difficult to specify the date of the decision which is made by the IDUB Programme Manager.

  • mgr Grzegorz Kołtuniak, Human Resources Office – chairman
  • dr hab. Anna Wojtyś, Faculty of Modern Languages
  • dr Justyna Godlewska-Szyrkowa, Faculty of Political Science and International Studies
  • mgr Monika Barańska, Research Services Office
  • mgr Marcin Podziemski, Office for Economic and Management Analytics
  • mgr J. Wąsowska, Human Resources Office