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V.3.3. Development, adoption and implementation of open science policy at the University of Warsaw


  • Developing and promoting the Policy of Open Science at the University of Warsaw
  • Launching the Institutional Repository of UW (RIUW), enabling all members of the UW community to deposit, store, and openly share research papers, conference materials, UW publications, doctoral dissertations and dissertations, teaching materials, administrative materials and other types of documents produced at the University
  • Integration of the RIUW with the UW knowledge and resource management platform (IDUB Action V.1.1.)


The University of Warsaw carries out numerous open science activities; until now, they have tended to be bottom-up and decentralised. Developing and adopting a document (after extensive internal consultations) which defines the rights and responsibilities of members of the UW community, concerning open access to publications and the results of research financed with public funds, will help organise matters in this respect. The Institutional Repository of the University of Warsaw, established as part of the Action, will be a place for gathering and distributing the intellectual achievements of the UW community, while also ensuring safe, long-term storage of the collection of documents.

Organisational unit responsible for this activity

  • The University of Warsaw Library (BUW – Biblioteka Uniwersytecka w Warszawie)