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Results of the competition for the employment of technicians and operators of research infrastructure

Category: I.4.1, I.4.2, Results

The selection committee has granted co-financing to seven organisational units at UW from among the applications submitted to the joint competition which was held as part of Actions I.4.1 and I.4.2.

Using the funds, the Faculty of Physics, CeNT (the Centre of New Technologies), the Faculty of Chemistry, CNBCh (the Biological and Chemical Research Centre), the Faculty of Biology, the Faculty of Geology, and ŚLCJ (the Heavy Ion Laboratory) will employ technicians and operators; these staff members will be responsible for maintaining infrastructure, actively taking part in creating cooperation with research groups and companies, and also preparing webinars, seminars, and training sessions on the subject of laboratory equipment and infrastructure. This will allow for improved accessibility to infrastructure by employees of UW organisational units on the Ochota Campus, and by external companies.

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