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A celebration of nubiology at the UW

Category: II.4.1, Results

The 15th edition of the International Conference for Nubian Studies, dedicated to the study of the historical land of Nubia, began on 29 August at the UW. The event will run until 4 September and brings together archaeologists, epigraphers, historians and other scholars dealing with the land of ancient Nubia from antiquity to the present day.

The International Conference for Nubian Studies is the world’s largest academic event presenting nubian studies. Around 200 people are attending this year’s edition at the UW. Workshops, so-called roundtables and plenary lectures are scheduled. The conference is accompanied by two exhibitions: one celebrating the 50th anniversary of the International Nubiological Society (in the Old Library of the UW) and another, an open-air exhibition – “From Faras to Soba. To the rescue of Sudan’s archaeological heritage” (in front of the UW Museum). An album with the same title as the outdoor exhibition has also been published in free access. The book presents the achievements of archaeological projects of several Polish institutions.

The organisation of the meeting was supported by a grant from the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Programme, Action II.4.1.

Full details of the event (including the programme) are available at: