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I.1.2. Excellent Researchers for Research Excellence

The aim of this activity is to build the capacity to conduct high-quality research in the areas of increasing mobility, multidimensional inequalities, demographic crisis, or digital transformation, by creating a team of outstanding young researchers with high-quality research experience, who are active in the field of social sciences. Among other things, this aim will be achieved by creating the “Rising Stars” Team, which will be led by an experienced researcher (“Red Giant”) with a high capacity to stimulate research activities and manage small teams. Researchers will have access to the entire scientific and non-scientific infrastructure at the University of Warsaw (the University Library with full access to its resources, dedicated IT support, including special requests for devices and services, social benefits, and access to high-quality accommodation), a budget for conferences and international trips, and personal counselling provided by the CESS office. The team leader will be selected on the basis of a competition and employed in a position with a relatively high salary, and with an incentive (a bonus for the scientific output of the team members). After three years, the team leader will be subject to review. In the event of a positive recommendation, the contract will be extended for another 3 years. Team members will be selected on the basis of an open competition. They will receive additional financial and organisational support which will facilitate the full use of the resources available at the University of Warsaw.

This activity is an investment in creating opportunities for breakthrough discoveries by providing comprehensive support for the development of “locomotive” researchers in the sciences and increasing their publishing and implementation capacities. The team management model will be inspired by the model used in some of the Max Planck Institutes in Germany (i.e., a high salary, freedom of career choice, a comfortable working environment, special emphasis on team spirit and personal relationships, and high expectations along with kind encouragement).

Job offers

Advertisement IDsPositionUnitDeadlineDocuments
UW/IDUB/2023/26professorFaculty of “Artes Liberales”15.02.2024Job offer
UW/IDUB/2023/29assistant professor (research)Centre of Migration Research30.11.2023Job offer,
Results (in Polish)
UW/IDUB/2023/28adjunct professor (research)Centre of Migration Research30.11.2023Job offer,
Results (in Polish)
UW/IDUB/2022/46assistant professor (research)Centre of Migration Research08.03.2023Job offer,
Results (in Polish)
UW/IDUB/2021/27assistant professor (research)Centre of Migration Research29.10.2021
Job offer,
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