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I.2.3. Securing funds for patent and publishing activity

IDUB Programme Objective(s)

  • I. Increasing the impact of the university’s scientific activity on the development of world science, in priority research areas with high development potential, where the university plans to intensify its scientific activity
  • II. Strengthening research cooperation with internationally renowned scientific institutions, especially in the priority research areas (POB)

Name of POB/activity group



Enlarging the support system for UW employees in order to streamline the patent protection process at UW, and promoting innovative activities.


The main objective is to secure funds for the patent and publication activities of employees who are conducting research in the priority areas (POB I, POB II, and POB III). The separation of this activity relates to strengthening the international area of patent protection.  It results from a strategy assuming there will be increases in the number of obtained patents, hence more opportunities to commercialise the results of research. Securing the rights to new developments which are associated with extensive patent clearance research will make it easier to obtain the interest and cooperation of foreign employees and economic partners during the implementation of the research results. The availability of funds for international patent protection may also encourage employees from foreign entities to carry out research activity at the University of Warsaw.

Effective use of the patent policy for the best solutions developed by the units located on the Ochota Campus of the University will facilitate the process of their implementation. A successful example can be seen is in the findings by Dr hab. Jacek Jemielity. On the basis of international patents, the University of Warsaw has granted a license to BioNTech and a sublicense to the Sanofi pharmaceutical company, to conduct subsequent phases of research related to putting breakthroughs in the field of cancer treatment into clinical practice.

Among the plans for the activity, the UOTT will be supplemented though the following:

  • support for researchers through the involvement of patent offices (a pilot programme with 300 hours of work in 2020)
  • support for researchers through the involvement of a law firm (a pilot programme with 300 hours of work in 2020)
  • co-financing applications and maintenance costs for domestic and foreign patents
  • developing procedures for promoting inventions and patents.

Coordinating unit

  • Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw

Entities involved in implementation

  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Physics Department
  • CeNT
  • CNBCh
  • UOTT
  • other UW entities interested in supporting patent activity