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I.4.1. Strengthening the core-facility potential on the Ochota Campus

IDUB Programme Objective(s)

  • I. Increasing the impact of the scientific activity of the University on the development of world science.

Name of POB/activity group


The aim of this task is to strengthen the potential of key research infrastructure on the Ochota Campus of the University.

Two areas of activity are included:

  1. Co-financing to purchase research infrastructure (that cannot be obtained through other sources of funding), which is integral to increasing the research potential at the University of Warsaw

Objective: To improve the efficiency and quality of scientific research, by providing suitable infrastructural facilities.

Justification: High-level research is dependent on efficient, functional infrastructure. Creating and maintaining these facilities requires large financial outlays and integrated organisation. However, in the long run, the implementation of this objective will determine where research takes place – i.e., whether researchers from the University of Warsaw will go to other institutions to carry out their measurements and/or analyses, or if we can offer an optimal environment for their work at the University of Warsaw and other research centres. Achieving this objective will lead to the accomplishment of performance goals in the areas of publishing and grants.

Under this activity, key infrastructure (flagships) will be purchased and installed. Individual plans will be selected on the basis of a competition, assessed by a specially-appointed committee. The prospective investments will be evaluated in terms of their functionality and utility for a wide range of researchers from different disciplines. Acquisitions of key infrastructure must be of a service nature (for research and potentially for commercial services), and allow equal access to all prospective users. The competition is open to researchers from the broadly-defined Ochota Campus.

  1. Employing a team of technicians/operators. This task will be coordinated with its  “twin” activity, Action I.4.2: Fund for renewal and development of research infrastructure.

Objective: To increase the efficiency of research work with support given by qualified technicians/operators.

Justification: This task addresses a perceived shortage over the years of qualified technicians/operators to support research activities.

Highly qualified technical staff will be employed; their primary role will be to operate and/or supervise the use of advanced equipment, which will enable more efficient and faster analyses, while facilitating the planning of equipment use in subsequent grant projects. Efficiently-run laboratories will allow the research workers to focus on the substantive aspects of the implemented research projects.

The projects which will employ technicians/operators will be selected in open competitions in 2020/21 and 2023.

Coordinating body

  • Faculty of Biology

Entities involved in implementation

  • All units taking part in competitions announced under the measure – units from the Ochota campus